Weekend, Dec 31-Jan 1 – Albert Glinsky-Robert Moog-Rebecca Pidgeon

Albert Glinsky on Bob Moog & Rebecca Pidgeon Yoga Space: The Echoes Interviews

Author and composer Albert Glinsky talks about his book, Switched-On: Bob Moog and the Synthesizer Revolution. It’s a deep dive into the inventor who changed the face of modern music with the Moog Synthesizer and Mini-Moog. From avant-garde obscurity, to Switched-On Bach, to the popular music mainstream, we hear the tale of this icon of modern instrument making.

John Diliberto and Rebecca Pidgeon

Rebecca Pidgeon may be best-known as an actress from films like Homicide, The Spanish Prisoner, and State and Main. But she has also released a string of really good solo albums. Her latest is a departure. Inspired by her yoga practice, exploring themes of the mind, consciousness and chakras, it’s called Parts of Speech, Pieces of Sound. It’s a beautiful album that taps Beatlesque psychedelia and singer-songwriter introspection, along with astronauts, Morse Code and primal screams. Hear her talk about it on Echoes.

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