Wednesday, Nov 30, 2022 – Gregoli & Kej Interview

World Fusionists Remotely Living-Ricky Kej & David Vito Gregorio: The Echoes Interview

American multi-instrumentalist David Vito Gregoli and Indian producer and keyboard player Ricky Kej take us on the journey of their album, Wild Monsoon. It’s an east-west fusion of electronics and Indian music that turns into a global fusion where shredding guitars meet Taiko drums, tabla and electronics.David Vito Gregoli and Ricky Kej talking about breaking down walls on Echoes from PRX.

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  1. sounds like my bag although the Indian mixes with Indonesian currently: — ‘Just play the melody, Jack!’

    oldie but goodie: TENDER AS WATER (, recently mixed & mastered. It’s a companion to the David Crosby-sponsored HORSE OF STONE ( With superb players, they are largely jazz-based Hindustani & Karnatak with formal & hocketing stuff from Java & Bali and counterpoint beholden to Shona ancestral songs, made with my partner Jody Cormack.

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