Monday, Oct 24, 2022 – Echoes Program 2243A

New Music from Keith Jarrett

Keith Jarrett

New music by Keith Jarrett. The legendary pianist has been sidelined by strokes, but ECM has gone back and pulled out a live solo performance, Bordeaux Concert. Keith Jarrett is still the standard for solo pianists and you’ll hear why with John Diliberto on Echoes from PRX.

Monday, October 24, 2022 – Echoes Program 2243A
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Start Time

Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

First Half Hour

0:01:00 Somatoast Creation is Creation (Faelow Remix) Creation : Evolved
0:06:00 Tom Caufield The Sunflower and the Bee The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light
0:10:06 Ancient Future Lustful Elephants Trumpet Spring Alternate Reality Concerts
0:18:02 Bloodmoon Soon Baby Soon Giving Up Air
0:22:27 Moby Rescue Me Rescue Me (Single)
0:25:43 Roger Universe Awakening Earth Express

Second Half Hour

0:30:00 AMAARA Gone Heartspeak EP
0:32:59 Todd Boston Early Reflection One
0:35:45 Daniel Herskedal Out Here Out of the Fog
0:40:50 break
0:41:50 Keith Jarrett Part VII Bordeaux Concert
0:48:41 Rebecca Pidgeon Silent Sound Parts of Speech Pieces of Sound
0:51:38 Ian Boddy Rings Coil

Third Half Hour

1:01:00 Tigerforest 12 Constellations Discovery
1:06:01 A.O. Gerber Noon Of Love Meet Me At The Gloaming
1:09:36 Thomas Lemmer Your Soul Your soul (Single)
1:12:25 Delay Tactics Ever Unwinding Elements Of Surprise
1:17:36 Pamela Whitman & Rich Kurtz Ebb And Flow Spirit Of The Sea
1:22:22 Nanosphere Homeworld (Desert Dwellers Remix) Night Visions 4-Desert Dwellers Remixes (v/a) 

Fourth Half Hour

1:30:00 Trevor Gordon Hall Roots and Branches Late Night With Headphones Vol. 1
1:36:10 JFDR The Orchid The Orchid (single) 
1:40:19 Hans Christian & Jim Gelcer Resistance Resistance (single) 
1:47:12 break
1:47:52 Thievery Corporation Until the Morning (Featuring Natalia Clavier) Symphonik
1:51:51 Craig Padilla Discovery of Meaning Discovery of Meaning
1:56:08 Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein Gates of Kamchatka Stranger Things 4 (OST)


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