New Moby Video: Rescue Me from the Film “Slay.”

Moby's Animal Rights Video, "Rescue Me."

While Kanye West is out there making a buffoon of himself while spewing some of the most self-aggrandizing, self-righteous bullshit statements, Moby is out there expressing his passion in uncompromised and poetic terms. You can see it in his latest video for the song “Rescue Me.” A long time ardent Vegan and promoter of animal rights for over 35 years, his video is a disturbing run through the industry that slays animals. It is not easy viewing as all kinds of furry beasts, including dogs, are seen brutally jammed into cages that prevent any movement, starved and skinned. Using footage from the documentary, Slay, he spares us the skinning part, but you can see the aftermath. The video claims 2.5 billion animals are skinned for clothes each year.

The video is accompanied by a sequencer driven song, “Rescue Me.” The spare lyrics are sung in a soulful yet chilly voice by Apollo Jane with a chorus that pleads, “Come Rescue me, from this life.”

In the press release Moby states, “One of my goals is to use whatever resources I have to end the use of animals for food and fashion. It makes me incredibly happy to be able to use ‘Rescue Me’ to draw attention to Rebecca Cappelli’s remarkable film, Slay’”

“Rescue Me” is a powerful song from Moby with a theme that is universal beyond the video to which it’s attached. But that video will get you thinking about what is on your body right now.

You see the full Slay film for free here.

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