Echoes Top 25 July 2022: Röyksopp at the Top

Echoes Top 25 July 2022: Röyksopp at the Top

Echoes July Top 25


Röyksopp at the Top

  1. RöyksoppProfound Mysteries (Dog Triumph) [iTunes]
  2. Zola JesusArkhon (Sacred Bones) [iTunes]
  3. Steve TibbettsHellbound Train (ECM) [iTunes]
  4. AnimalweaponSet of Constraints (Polychromatic Records) [iTunes]
  5. Eric HiltonLost Dialect (Montserrat House) [iTunes]
  6. Mountains of JuraMountains of Jura (Mountains of Jura) [iTunes]
  7. Fox KraftOutstare the Stars (Fox Kraft) [iTunes]
  8. LumenetteAll Around My Head (Hammock Music) [iTunes]
  9. Radium88We Are All Dreaming Now (Lotek Recordings) [iTunes]
  10. Ariana Saraha & Flight BehaviorFrom the Wild (Ariana Saraha) [iTunes]
  11. Alison WonderlandLoner (EMI) [iTunes]
  12. The Expanding UniverseOne (All India Radio) [iTunes]
  13. SineEinklang (SINE) [iTunes]
  14. VLMVSing with Abandon (VLMV) [iTunes]
  15. WarpaintRadiate Like This (Virgin) [iTunes]
  16. JOYCUTThe Blu W (JOYCUT) [iTunes]
  17. Alanis MorissetteThe Storm Before the Calm (Epiphany Music) [iTunes]
  18. Tony Gerber and Giles ReavesThe Tree (S.P.A.C.E Music Co.) [iTunes]
  19. ShearwaterThe Great Awakening (Polyborus Music) [iTunes]
  20. George WinstonNight (Dancing Cat/RCA Records) [iTunes]
  21. VariousFragments / Erik Satie (v/a) (Deutsche Grammophon)
  22. John GregoriusIn Awe (Spotted Peccary) [iTunes]
  23. BronswickEntre mes Insomnies (Lisbon Lux Records) [iTunes]
  24. Vic HenneganTime Ritual (Vic Hennegan) [iTunes]
  25. Thaneco & DASKStages (SynGate)
Zola Jesus - Arkhon
Steve Tibbetts - Hellbound Train
Animalweapon - Set of Constraints
Eric Hilton - Lost Dialect


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