Thursday, Mar 3, 2022 – Echoes Program 2209D

Slow Flow Echoes

Slow Flow Echoes

On a Slow Flow Echoes, two sides of deep ambience. We’ll hear Billow Observatory, a collaboration between Danish guitarist Jonas Munk and American electronic artist Jason Kolb. We’ll also hear new music by the Icelandic duo, Hugar, who have a new album of ambient chamber music called Rift.

Thursday, Mar 3, 2022 – Echoes Program 2209D
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Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

First Half Hour

0:01:00 David Bridie & All India Radio By The Light Of The Stars By The Light Of The Stars
0:06:00 Variant Field Letting Go (Spring) Immeasurable
0:10:47 Tropo The Summoning Siente Tu Corazón
0:18:30 Carl Weingarten For Rosa Stop Me Try
0:25:17 Somatoast Kokoa Hill (Edamame Remix) Creation is Creation

Second Half Hour

0:30:01 Gary Stroutsos and Stevin McNamara Shibui-Elegant Moon (Movement) Moonlight Meditations (Instrumental Sound Bath)
0:34:06 Billow Observatory Sink The Outlook Stareside
0:39:59 Ivan Teixeira Ruah Rebirth
0:45:16 Sumner McKane First Winter at Plymouth Colony What a Great Place to Be
0:52:57 Nattefrost The Great Intelligence of Trees Dendrophile

Third Half Hour

1:01:00 Ben Blackett Gaea’s Axiom Horizons
1:06:01 Randal Meek Liliko’i Longings
1:08:25 Hugar Mist  Rift
1:14:32 The Royal Arctic Institute Anosmia Suite From Catnap To Coma 
1:20:42 Sonic Yogi Dilo Sin Palabras Breath Into Being

Fourth Half Hour

1:30:01 Andy Summers Fantoccini Harmonics of the Night
1:34:26 Taylor Barefoot Hold That Thought Distressed Signals
1:37:56 Josh Teed x Skysia Introspection The Journey East
1:41:49 Robert Jurjendal & Miguel Noya Curiara A View Above Water The Power Of Distance
1:49:02 Craig Padilla Continuum Part 2 Discovery of Meaning


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