Phil Keaggy – Live on Echoes

Phil Keaggy Live and Looping on Echoes.

Multiples of guitar when icon Phil Keaggy comes in to play. He takes his acoustic guitar and looping station and generates multiple lines of his evocative melodies live. It’s the mode of his latest album, Acoustic Sketches 3. Hear triple when Phil Keaggy plays live on Echoes.

Phil Keaggy – Live on Echoes
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Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

0:00:00 In Concert: Phil Keaggy
0:02:38 Phil Keaggy Passing Thought (live) Acoustic Sketches 
0:06:15 Phil Keaggy Barefoot (live) Acoustic Sketches vol 3
0:14:25 Phil Keaggy The Wind and the Wheat (live) The Wind and the Wheat 
0:19:02 Phil Keaggy Shades of Green (live)  Music to Paint By: Splash
0:24:53 Phil Keaggy Water Street (live) Acoustic Sketches vol 3


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As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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