Wednesday, Feb 9, 2022 – Ambiences in Black

Ambiences in Black: Ambient Artists from the African Diaspora

Ambiences in Black

In celebration of Black History Month, we turn the Echoes prism onto the African and black influences in ambient music. They come from many sources: jazz, R&B, Hip-hop and Africa itself.  The sound can range from the space music of electronic artist Vic Hennegan to Nana Adjoa, a wonderful singer from Holland descended from a Dutch mother and Ghanaian father. Cold Specks is from Canada, but her roots are in her ancestral home of Somalia, and she now records under her Somali name, Ladan Hussein. Then there are the pioneers of ambient music, Miles Davis and Sun Ra. From Trip-Hop artists Morcheeba to Techno pioneer Jeff Mills, we explore the sounds of Black Ambient Music on Echoes.

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