Echoes Podcast: EMEAPP’s Electronic Museum

Electronic Bliss-A Journey From The Past To The Future At The Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project in Echoes Podcast


Synthesizer junkies enter paradise when we visit the Electronic Music Education and Preservation Project, or EMEAPP. It houses what must be one of the largest collections of electronic music instruments in the world, including many played by world famous artists.

Drew Raison: We’re standing in front of an elaborate exhibit of quite a few keyboard instruments and ancillary gear owned and used by Keith Emerson of Emerson, Lake & Palmer.  Yes, we are standing in front of the world’s most famous synthesizer, also known as the world’s most dangerous synthesizer.  And certainly known as the most iconic synthesizer in the world.

You’ll even hear John Diliberto play Emerson’s Moog. If you love electronic instruments, music and especially synthesizers, you are going to be in heaven when we plug into electronic bliss at EMEAPP on the Echoes Podcast.

Vince Pupillo Sr & Drew Raison of EMEAPP in front of Two Moog Modular Synthesizers. Photo Jeff Towne

Founder Vince Pupillo Sr & Executive Director Drew Raison of EMEAPP.

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