Monday, Nov 15, 2021 – Echoes Program 2146A

Phil Keaggy Live and Looping on Echoes.

Today we feature the first in-person live Echoes performance in 20 months when guitar icon Phil Keaggy comes in to play. He takes his acoustic guitar and looping station and generates multiple lines of his evocative melodies live. It’s the mode of his latest album, Acoustic Sketches 3. Hear triple when Phil Keaggy plays live on Echoes.

Monday, November 15, 2021 – Echoes Program 2146A
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Start Time

Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

First Half Hour

0:01:01 Max Jeschek Opening Doors Journey to the Light
0:06:01 Robin Guthrie Ouestern Pearldiving
0:09:07 Rufus du Sol Always Surrender
0:16:12 Marconi Union The Halo Signals
0:20:13 UNA Time Zone The Look in Their Eyes
0:23:43 Mars Lasar Enchanted Forest Coastal Escape

Second Half Hour

0:30:00 In Concert: Phil Keaggy
0:31:52 Phil Keaggy Passing Thought (live)
Acoustic Sketches
0:35:30 Phil Keaggy Barefoot (live)
Acoustic Sketches Vol 3
0:43:39 Phil Keaggy The Wind and the Wheat (live)
The Wind and the Wheat
0:48:16 Phil Keaggy Shades of Green (live)
Music to Paint By: Splash
0:54:08 Phil Keaggy Water Street (live)
Acoustic Sketches Vol 3

Third Half Hour

1:01:01 Lo Moon Dream Never Dies Dream Never Dies (Single)
1:06:01 Andy Summers Fantoccini Harmonics of the Night
1:10:22 Brigitte Bardini Wild Ride Stellar Lights
1:13:19 frostlake In the Stars The Weight of Clouds
1:19:21 Rena Jones Etymology 1 Allegories

Fourth Half Hour

1:31:10 The Moody Blues Nights in White Satin Days of Future Passed
1:37:50 The Moody Blues The Afternoon Days of Future Passed
1:42:37 break
1:43:30 Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter Maiden’s Prayer Harmony House
1:49:09 Humbird May Still LIfe
1:52:49 Saycet Mountaineers Layers


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As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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