Weekend, Sept 18-19, 2021 – Gunnar Spardel’s Tigerforest

Gunnar Spardel's Tigerforest Interview

Gunnar Spardel

From electronic space to ambient chamber music, we talk to Gunnar Spardel, who composes somber and serene chamber music under his own name and upbeat, progressive electronic music under the guise of Tigerforest. Last year he released the album, Discovery and now he’s followed it up with a great remix edition, Re:Discovery. We follow the journey of the German music composer in an interview on Echoes.

Lanterna is one of the pioneers of Ambient Americana. He returned with a new album of delay-guitar melodies, ambient moods, and twang, called Hidden Drives. It was the Echoes July CD of the Month. We’ll also hear Swedish dream pop singer Adna from her forthcoming album, Black Water.

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