Echoes Podcast: Hybrid and George Winston

Hybrid and George Winston, the 30th Icon in Echoes Podcast

In the Echoes Podcast we go to the opposite ends of the Echoes spectrum. We’ll hear from the electronica duo, Hybrid and acoustic pianist George Winston, the 30th Icon of Echoes.

Hybrid takes us into the sometimes-dark world of their new album, Black Halo. Formed at the turn of the millennium, the husband-and-wife duo of Charlotte and Mike Truman have been forging an electronica sound hovering at the borders of EDM and dream pop.  Their new album explores themes of politics and fallen angels as well the orange man.

George Winston is the 30th Icon of 30 Icons for 30 years of Echoes.  We have arrived at the final icon of Echoes and the fact that this musician is last on the list just shows you what a heavy list it is, the 30 Icons for 30 Years of Echoes. George Winston is number 30. He helped boost Windham Hill Records into the upper atmosphere. His debut album on the label, Autumn has sold over 3 million copies. We’ll survey the music world of this pianist who brought contemporary instrumental music to popularity in the 1980s with commentary from Peter Kater, Moby, Philip Aaberg and Will Ackerman.
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