In Concert: Erik Wollo

Celestial Landscapes from Erik Wøllo: the 23rd Icon of Echoes

Erik Wollo

As we celebrate Norwegian guitarist Erik Wøllo as the 23rd of 30 Icons of Echoes, we listen back to one of his several live performances on Echoes. Wøllo has played live on Echoes three times and has had six CD of the Month picks. We’ll hear a performance by Erik from 2010, on which he sculpts celestial landscapes for guitar and synthesizer, new interpretations of pieces from his latest CD at the time: Gateway .

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Erik Wøllo – Live on Echoes 

Start Time

Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

In Concert: Erik Wøllo
0:02:40 Erik Wøllo The Crossing (live) Gateway
0:15:56 Erik Wøllo A Sublime Place (live) Gateway
0:21:10 Erik Wøllo Blue Universe (Live) Gateway


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