Echoes April 2021 Top 25: Carl Weingarten on Top

Echoes Top 25 for April 2021: From Pastoral Pandemic Reveries to Electronic Dreams

ECHOES April 2021 TOP 25

Carl Weingarten Ember Days Top 25

  1. Carl WeingartenEmber Days (Multiphase Records) [iTunes]
  2. TrigaidaElate (Etheraudio Records) [iTunes]
  3. AO MusicKutumba (Abbeywood) [iTunes]
  4. Ulrich Schnauss & Jonas MunkEight Fragments Of An Illusion (Azure Vista Records) [iTunes]
  5. Lili HaydnMore Love (Lakeshore Records) [iTunes]
  6. Deborah Martin & Jill HaleyThe Silence of Grace (Spotted Peccary) [iTunes]
  7. London GrammarCalifornian Soil (Ministry of Sound Recordings) [iTunes]
  8. ShpongleCarnival of Peculiarities EP (Twisted Records) [iTunes]
  9. Lisa Gerrard/Jules Maxwell/James ChapmanBurn (Atlantic Curve) [iTunes]
  10. DecouplrDigital Bonfire (Bandcamp) [iTunes]
  11. YaimaEarth Trilogy: One (Yaima) [iTunes]
  12. Ian Boddy & Markus ReuterOutland (Din Records)
  13. All India RadioAfterworld (Spectra) [iTunes]
  14. TritonalReverence (Enhanced Music) [iTunes]
  15. VallensIn Era (Hand Drawn Dracula) [iTunes]
  16. Lana Del ReyChemtrails Over the Country Club (Interscope) [iTunes]
  17. Emancipator/Rena Jones/FlowerpulseXylem (Loci Records)
  18. Lisa Bella DonnaThe World She Wanted (Behind the Sky Music) [iTunes]
  19. I Think Like MidnightInterim Contingent (Bandcamp)
  20. Jeff Johnson & Phil KeaggyRavenna (Ark Music) [iTunes]
  21. Paul McCartneyMcCartney III Imagined (Capitol Records) [iTunes]
  22. Andy Mitran/Al Jewer/Hans ChristianAmethyst 
  23. Thierry DavidSlow Motion (Thierry David) [iTunes]
  24. Jess Lamb and the FactoryYou Are (Harrison Skydeck) [iTunes]
  25. Jonathan E. BlakeCosmic Blue (SINE Music) [iTunes]


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