Michael Hedges, performing Live On Echoes

Michael Hedges Plays Live on Echoes

There isn’t a single acoustic guitar player you hear on Echoes who wasn’t influenced by Michael Hedges’ two-handed tapping techniques, aggressive approach, and wild musical imagination. We were fortunate to have him appear on the show five times, including two live performances.  

Here are both of his concerts from the Echoes Living Room. The first was just before the release of his album Oracle, but he previewed a few tunes from that upcoming recording. When he returned a couple of years later, he was still playing many tunes from Oracle in his live set, so there are three of the same songs in both concerts, but as you’d expect from Michael Hedges, with slightly different interpretations.   These Echoes recordings of “Gospel,” “Sofa No 1”, and “Rickover’s Dream” later appeared on the compilation CD Beyond Boundaries, but sadly, those tracks are not included on any current streaming versions of the album,.

Michael Hedges: Icon of Echoes – In Concert – 1994
0:01:24 Michael Hedges Sofa No.1 (Frank Zappa) (live) Oracle
0:05:06 Michael Hedges Ritual Dance (live) Taproot
0:08:03 Michael Hedges Rickover’s Dream (live) Aerial Boundaries
0:16:16 Michael Hedges Dirge (live) Oracle
0:21:06 Michael Hedges Syrinx (Debussy) (live) (unreleased)
0:25:30 Michael Hedges Jitterboogie (live) Oracle
Michael Hedges: Icon of Echoes – In Concert – 1996
0:01:39 Michael Hedges Two Days Old (live) Breakfast in the Field
0:08:00 Michael Hedges Oracle (live) Oracle
0:12:27 Michael Hedges Jitterboogie (live) Oracle
0:15:30 Michael Hedges Gospel (live) Oracle
0:19:57 Michael Hedges Dirge (live) Oracle
0:25:30 Michael Hedges Sofa No.1 (Frank Zappa) (live) Oracle

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