Echoes Podcast: Jean-Michel Jarre & Decouplr

Jean-Michel Jarre, 17th Icon of Echoes and Decouplr-Two Generations of Electronic Sound

In the Echoes Podcast, we flip the switch on Jean-Michel Jarre, the 17th Icon of Echoes for Jean-Michel Jarre-An Icon of Electronic Music: The Echoes Documentary. The French electronic artist brought electronic music to global popularity with his 1976 album, Oxygene, bringing the space music sound to new audiences. He’s active right up to the moment with a new album called Amazonia. We look back back across 45 years of Jean-Michel Jarre in the Echoes Podcast

See John Diliberto’s review of The Oxygene Trilogy

The electronic pop band, Decouplr tackles themes of pandemic and isolation. The Philadelphia duo of Bailey Walker and Adam Laub, who are also a couple, have released their 80s inspired album of electro-pop called Digital Bonfire  to comfort your pandemic malaise and take you to a higher ground. We ignite Decouplr in the Echoes Podcast.

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