Robert Fripp, performing Live On Echoes

Robert Fripp Plays Live on Echoes

Robert Fripp String Quintet
Robert Fripp is the founder of King Crimson and he’s a pioneer of progressive rock and ambient music. We’ll hear an exclusive rare live performance from what would become known as the Robert Fripp String Quintet, featuring Fripp, along with Trey Gunn and The California Guitar Trio. The five musicians performed in a few different configurations: solo Frippertronics soundscapes, duets between Fripp and Gunn, trio performances by CGT, and quintets featuring all of them. This concert was recorded in 1993, at Muhlenberg College, as the group took time out of their rehearsals for a short tour.  Join John Diliberto with Robert Fripp, the 16th Icon on Echoes.
Robert Fripp: Icon of Echoes – In Concert
0:01:25 Robert Fripp A Minor Soundscape (live) (unreleased)
0:09:03 Robert Fripp String Quintet (with Trey Gunn and The California Guitar Trio) Asturias (live) Show of Hands
0:11:53 Robert Fripp & Trey Gunn Firepower (live) (unreleased)
0:21:35 Robert Fripp String Quintet (with Trey Gunn and The
California Guitar Trio)
Eye of the Needle (live) Show of Hands
0:24:30 The California Guitar Trio Carnival (live) Yamanashi Blues
0:26:13 The California Guitar Trio Pipeline (live) Yamanashi Blues
0:28:03 The California Guitar Trio Ricercar Yamanashi Blues
0:33:06 The California Guitar Trio Melrose Avenue (live) Yamanashi Blues
0:35:22 Robert Fripp & Trey Gunn The Moving Force (Live) Show of Hands
0:37:15 Robert Fripp (untitled Frippertronics) (live) (unreleased)

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  1. I was at this show. It was the coolest ending to any show if any kind I had ever been at. The trio accompanied the departing guests into the lobby of the auditorium continuing to play until everyone departed. Truly very cool. 

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