Echoes March 2021 Top 25: Ravenna at the Top

ECHOES March 2021 TOP 25

Johnson - Keaggy - Ravenna

    1. Jeff Johnson & Phil KeaggyRavenna (Ark Music) [iTunes]
    2. LeandrulPsychosis of Dreams (Bandcamp) [iTunes]
    3. Mint JulepIn a Deep & Dreamless Sleep (Western Vinyl) [iTunes]
    4. I Think Like MidnightInterim Contingent (Bandcamp)
    5. DecouplrDigital Bonfire (Bandcamp) [iTunes]
    6. Mark DwaneAtlantean Apparitions (Bandcamp) [iTunes]
    7. Brian FechinoOf the Light (Heart Dance Records) [iTunes]
    8. Christian LofflerParallels (Deutsche Grammophon) [iTunes]
    9. Jess Lamb and the FactoryYou Are (Harrison Skydeck) [iTunes]
    10. Doug BlairOf Dreams and Fantasy (Heart Dance Records) [iTunes]
    11. Todd BostonHope (Gita Records) [iTunes]
    12. Robert JurjendalWater Finds a Way (Strangiato Music) [iTunes]
    13. Emancipator/Rena Jones/FlowerpulseXylem (Loci Records)
    14. Time TravelerSky Falter (Heart Dance Records) [iTunes]
    15. Carl WeingartenEmber Days (Multiphase Records) [iTunes]
    16. ShpongleCarnival of Peculiarities EP (Twisted Records) [iTunes]
    17. S1gns of L1feThe Age of Cymatics (Synphaera) [iTunes]
    18. Steve RoachInto The Majestic (Timeroom) [iTunes]
    19. AeseaesShapeshifter (Bandcamp) [iTunes]
    20. The MastelottosA Romantic’s Guide to King Crimson (7d Media) [iTunes]
    21. GrandbrothersAll the Unknown (City Slang) [iTunes]
    22. Erik Wøllo Recurrence (Projekt Records) [iTunes]
    23. Bob BoilenHidden Smiles (Bandcamp)
    24. MogwaiAs The Love Continues (Temporary Residence) [iTunes]
    25. TorOasis Sky (Youth and Progress Recordings) [iTunes]



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