Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021 – Echoes Program 2112C

14th Icon of Echoes: Loreena McKennitt

Loreena McKennitt arises as the 14th Icon of Echoes.  She brought a unique sound to music, merging Celtic and Eastern sounds into a lush world fusion, topped by her soaring voice.  John Diliberto takes us on a journey on the caravanserai of Loreena McKennitt.

Wednesday, Mar 24, 2021 – Echoes Program 2112C
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Start Time

Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

 First Half Hour
0:01:01 Loreena McKennitt Ages Past Ages Hence Lost Souls
0:06:01 Lana Del Rey Tulsa Jesus Freak Chem Trails Over the Country Club
010:08 Brian Fechino A Mindful Missing Of the Light
0:15:00 Decouplr Got It Covered Digital Bonfire
0:18:39 Black Fly Green Black Fly
0:22:10 Bicep Rever (feat. Julia Kent) Isles

Second Half Hour

0:30:26 Feature: Loreena McKennitt – Icon of Echoes
0:39:00 Loreena McKennitt All Souls Night The Visit
0:43:40 Loreena McKennitt Mystic’s Dream The Mask and Mirror
0:51:03 Loreena McKennitt The Mummers’ Dance The Book of Secrets

Third Half Hour

1:01:01 Todd Boston Wings Hope
1:06:01 Rykard Delphinus Explorers Vol 3. EP
1:09:04 Enya Storms In Africa Watermark
1:13:02 All India Radio Deep Blue Afterworld
1:15:54 Emancipator/Rena Jones/Flowerpulse Thus Xylem
1:18:46 Lisa Gerrard /Jules Maxwell /James Chapman Heleali (The Sea Will Rise) Burn
1:24:13 Drum & Lace and Ian Hultquist I Like a Look of Agony Dickinson: Season Two (OST)

Fourth Half Hour

1:30:00 In Memoriam: Constance Demby
1:30:01 Constance Demby Allelulah Sanctum Sanctuorum
1:37:34 Constance Demby The Longing Sacred Space Music
1:48:38 Constance Demby Javalon Set Free
1:52:47 Constance Demby Space Bass/Baktun, No. 3 Novus Magnificat: Through the Stargate


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