Echoes Podcast: Marya Stark/Klaus Schulze Icon

Marya Stark and Klaus Schulze: Music from Other Worlds in Echoes Podcast

Marya Stark is a singer-songwriter with a more celestial approach to lyrics. Last year she released the album, Sapphire, produced with Joshua Penman of Akara. You can hear influences from Loreena McKennitt to Sheila Chandra in her work which includes “Womb Healing” and her “mystical dark pop.”

The 7th of 30 Icons of Echoes, German electronic pioneer, Klaus Schulze. He is so deep in the DNA of Echoes that you could never untangle it. We’ll hear interviews with Schulze talking about his career from Tangerine Dream to Timewind and beyond, from psychedelics to cocaine and beyond. Get ready to experience awe. Read John Diliberto’s appreciation of Klaus Schulze and 5 Essential albums here.  See the complete list of the 30 Icons of Echoes.

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