Ambient New Year’s Eve Soundscape – Non-Narrated

Non Narrated Echoes - A Downtempo Ambient New Year's Eve Soundscape

Ambient New Year's Eve

A Downtempo Ambient soundscape for New Year’s Eve, with a beat, for dancing-in 2021, saying goodbye to 2020.  Four Hours of un-interrupted, non-narrated groove, for celebrating, chilling, and contemplating the new year.

Echoes Ambient New Year’s Eve Soundscape
0:00:01 Thievery Corporation Lebanese Blonde Symphonik
0:05:09 Kidso Nordstar Apart
0:10:05 Ian Boddy Nitro Axiom
0:16:12 Ane Brun The Waiting After the Great Storm
0:20:20 Bluetech Lights From Mariana Underwater Cities
0:27:19 Kraftwerk The Model The Man-Machine
0:30:53 Nicolas Godin Turn Right Turn Left Concrete And Glass
0:34:20 Ezinma Vivaldi Springs Forth Vivaldi Springs Forth Single
0:36:50 Wax Tailor Fear of a Blind Planet The Shadow Of Their Suns
0:40:33 Purity Ring Better Off Alone Better Off Alone (single)
0:44:20 Orchid-Star Surya (DnB Mix) Faster Reimagined
0:50:15 Hiatus Shadowless Distancer
0:54:11 Ametrom The Tetrahedron Pavillion The Great Western Industrial Zone
0:59:08 Erothyme Inspiral (Feat Jessica Sirena) Steep Dreams
1:03:33 Shpongle I Woke Up As a Shlummutz Codex VI
1:08:23 Ultraísta Ordinary Boy (Zero 7 Remix) Ordinary Boy – The Remixes
1:14:41 Eric Hilton Acetone Dub The Impossible Silence
1:17:12 Nym Light Catcher Lilac Chaser
1:20:30 Emancipator & 9 Theory Moebius Trip A Thousand Clouds
1:24:57 Moby Rise Up In Love All Visible Objects
1:30:35 AstroPilot & Spectrum Vision The Expectancy Colours II. Ice (v/a)
1:37:46 Sohn Oscillate Live with the Metropole Orkest
1:40:54 Time Traveler Ancient Wanderers Sky Falter
1:46:32 Eric Hilton Infinite Everywhere Infinite Everywhere
1:49:40 Ian Boddy & Marcus Reuter (excerpt) Outland
1:54:26 Nox Vahn Dream of Love (Anjunadeep mix-feat Mimi Page) Relections Vol 1-(v/a)
1:59:57 Evenfall Monsoon Winds Monsoon Winds
2:04:18 Kitput Streichholz Reflections Vol 1-(v/a)
2:06:21 Digitonal Orion Set the Weather Fair
2:11:32 Rival Consoles Vibrations on a String Articulation
2:16:14 Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection Dieterich Buxtehude Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection
2:23:34 Liquid Bloom & Tribone Interbeing (Sigil Mix) Interbeing
2:30:19 Svara Lunar Bounce Svara
2:36:24 Bluetech Submerge Underwater Cities
2:39:40 Engineers Rhenium Pictobug
2:46:22 Olafur Arnalds Back To The Sky (feat. JFDR) Some Kind of Peace
2:49:42 Liquid Bloom & Poranqui Peyote Canyon (Wolf Tech Remix) Peyote Canyon
2:55:52 Gravité Lucid Realization Gravité
2:59:44 Gustaf Fjelstrom Orion Two Merely A Simulation
3:05:39 Robot Koch Dragonfly The Next Billion Years
3:10:11 Lane 8 x Yotto Buggy Buggy (single)
3:15:08 Rival Consoles Odyssey Odyssey
3:19:41 Sferix Nebula Take Me Home EP
3:21:37 Michael Rother Nachtpassage (Chill Remix) Solo II (Bonus Tracks)
3:25:18 Dubmatix Reflections aka Reflections aka
3:29:04 Thomas Lemmer Awakening (Tauon Remix) Awakening EP
3:33:56 Evadez Synthetic Life In Wires
3:38:26 Steve Roach HeartBreath Tomorrow

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