Weekend, July 25-26, 2020 – YPPAH & Nicolas Godin Interviews

Interview with YPPAH and Air's Nicolas Godin This Weekend on Echoes.

Weekend listeners will hear us talk to YPPAH – That’s Happy spelled backwards, and this electronic band makes a joyful sound channeling psychedelic, hip-hop and minimalism heard on their latest album, Sunset in the Deep End.  It was #3  on The Best of Echoes 2020, So Far.John Diliberto talks with founder Joe Corrales Jr. about going from surfing to hip-hop to minimalist psychedelia with YPPAH on Echoes.

Weekend listeners my also hear an interview with Nicolas Godin. The French Band AIR was one of the seminal electronic pop groups of the 1990s and oughts. They’ve gone dormant, but founding member Nicolas Godin has a new solo album out, Concrete and Glass, that began as an architectural art project. John Diliberto goes over the blueprints with Nicolas Godin in an Echoes Interview. We’ll also hear music by Jean-Michel Jarre, Sphongle’s Simon Posford and Marketa Irglova with Emilíana Torrini and Aukai

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