Echoes Podcast: Poppy Ackroyd’s Neo-Classical Moods

Poppy Ackroyd's Ne0-Classical Moods in Echoes Podcast

In the Echoes Podcast, English composer Poppy Ackroyd.  Her album, Resolve was an Echoes CD of the Month two years ago. It’s finally out in the US. John Diliberto catches up with Poppy Ackroyd who talks about an approach to classical composition informed by punk rock and Radiohead.

Poppy Ackroyd: I’m classically trained, but I think when I was about 14, I became a bit of an indie kid, listened to a lot of punk.  And yeah, just anything that wasn’t classically actually,

John Diliberto brings us England’s Poppy Ackroyd in the Echoes Podcast.

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