David Helpling Video for Glass from His Album, Rune.

David Helpling's Tripped Out Space Guitars on "Glass" Video

David Helpling’s Rune album has been in heavy rotation since before it was an Echoes CD of the Month in January. Now he’s released the second video from the album for a 10 minute track called “Glass.”  in John Diliberto’s Echoes CD of the Month review he wrote of “Glass”:

Tracks like “Glass” are built on slowmo arpeggios, delayed and echoed out into space, gradually soaring into a symphonic wash of reverb upon reverb delays.

Now you can see a visual representation of that with the video which features “fastmo” time-lapse cinematography of the Aurora Borealis by Shawn Malone It’s technically the opposite of slow motion, but in this instance the effect is similar as ripples of green and purple light shimmer across the horizon while images of Helpling playing the multiple guitar lines of “Glass” are superimposed. At least, I think it’s Helpling since you only see his guitars and hands.  Put it on the big screen and turn it up.

Hear David Helpling in the Echoes Podcast.

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