In Concert: The Ukulele Pyrotechnics of Taimane

Ukulele Titan Taimane Live on Echoes


We hear the genre-defying ukulele of Taimane. If you think the ukulele is a novelty instrument then you haven’t heard Hawaii’s Taimane, who brings uncanny virtuosity and complex melody to it.  She comes in to Echoes with her band to play music from her recent albums, Elemental, and We Are Made of Stars.

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Group Name

Song Name

Album Name

0:00:00 In Concert: Taimane
0:02:57 Taimane Water (live) Elemental
0:09:10 Taimane E Ala E/Jupiter (live) We Are Made of Stars
0:15:58 Taimane Hades-Pluto (live) Elemental
0:19:34 Taimane Mercury (live) We Are Made of Stars
0:22:31 Taimane Neptune’s Storm (live) We Are Made of Stars

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