Agnes Obel – Broken Sleep Video from Myopia

Agnes Obel Dreams of Sleep in New Video

Singer Agnes Obel returns with a new album, Myopia following up her brilliant Citizen of Glass from 2016, an Echoes CD of the Month.  On Myopia she continues her journey through entrancing chamber pop. Her darkly hued voice is an immaculate instrument and she writes captivating songs that echo minimalism and classical music for it. She’s just released a new video for the song, “Broken Sleep”.  In the press release she writes:.

“This song was, surprisingly enough, written in a period where I was struggling with falling asleep. In the effort to find a cure I began to read about the science of sleep as well as the cultural history of sleep which led me to the ancient idea that sleep and death are familiar states and problems with sleep are linked to a fear of death. Relics of this idea are still to be found in our language today, in the way we describe both death and sleep.”

–Agnes Obel

It’s a slow motion digital swirl of clouds, Agnes running in her sleep and occasionally pulls back to reveal her singing the the song. Look for more of Agnes Obel on Echoes in forthcoming months.