Weekend, Dec. 14-15, 2019 – Programs 1950A & 1950B

Best of Echoes 2019 and Interview with Fink This Weekend on Echoes.

This weekend on Echoes, experience the Best of Echoes 2019. It has been a great year for music that fits in the Echoes Zone. In 30 years of Echoes, this is one of the hardest year end lists we’ve compiled. Picking 25 records was hard enough, but sorting them into some order was even more difficult. I can see why some people just compile a non-hierarchical best of list, but that’s just lazy. At Echoes we make the tough decisions.  Join us as we play our Top 25 albums from this past year. It’s sure to include music by Rise, Steve Roach, Azam Ali, and more. You can see the Top 25 list here and listen this weekend.

Some weekend listeners will also hear us talk with Fink. He’s a British electronic musician turned ambient singer-songwriter, who creates deep ruminative songs sung in his mellifluous tenor.  He talks about his latest album, Bloom Innocent and finds links between blues, electronica and New Orleans.

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