Tuesday, October 1, 2019 – Interview with Tycho

Interview with Tycho


We go inside the music of Tycho with Scott Hansen and singer Saint Sinner. For most of the last two decades there has been a strain of rock music that didn’t really rock out, but instead took a more introspective and almost ambient course, often mixing guitars with electronics.  And they usually don’t have singers. Explosions In The Sky, The Album Leaf and Sigur Ros are among those groups.  But in the last several years Tycho has moved to the front of this group. It’s his music that you hear in commercials, movies and NPR buttons.  Scott Hansen started out as an electronic musician but has found himself in a hybrid, ambient rock world.  On his new album, Weather, he creates an ambient dream pop with singer Saint Sinner. John Diliberto checks the forecast with Tycho on Echoes.

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