Beacon – Concert from Electronic R&B Band Streaming Now

Synth-Pop duo Beacon's Live Echoes Concert Streaming Now.

Beacon’s Thomas Mullarney III & Jacob Gossett Live on Echoes. Pic: J. Diliberto

Beacon is the Brooklyn duo  who have a sound that weaves-together R&B, Retro-Electro-Pop and a touch of space music. The band is singer and keyboardist Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett, who plays keyboards and programs.  Upon the release of their latest album, Gravity Pairs, Drowned In Sound said “ it wouldn’t be at all surprising to see them becoming one of the most significant electronic bands of our time.”  We’ve been trying to get them in the studio since last year and it was worth it. Hear their Echoes concert streaming now.

Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 In Concert: Beacon
0:03:32 Beacon The War You’re After (live) Gravity Pairs
0:08:05 Beacon Don’t Go Looking (live) Gravity Pairs
0:12:28 Beacon Be My Organ (live) Gravity Pairs
0:18:15 Beacon On Ice (live) Gravity Pairs
0:23:16 Beacon Marion (live) Gravity Pairs

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