Friday, April 26th, 2019 – Echoes Program 1917E

New Music by Indarra and White Sun

We’ll hear new music by the Grammy-winning chant trio White Sun, featuring the voice of Gurujas. They turn Hindi chants into serene pop on their album, III.  We’ll also hear new music by Indarra, an entrancing band with a supernatural Basque name centered on the declamatory vocals of Sue Hutton. We’ll hear from their new album, Walk on Fire.

Friday, April 26th, 2019
Echoes Program 1917E
Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
 First Half Hour
0:00:00 John Doan Run to Sanctuary Wayfarer
0:06:00 Majestica Auriga To Orion Auriga To Orion
0:10:22 Goldfrapp Ocean (Feat Dave Gahan) Single
0:14:10 Jean Michel Jarre Robots Dont Cry (Movement 3) Equinoxe Infinity
0:19:40 Freya Ridings Ultraviolet Ultraviolet (single)
0:23:09 Lookla The King Is Dead The King Is Dead (single)
 Second Half Hour
0:30:00 Byron Metcalf Embrace of Uncertainty Inner Rhythm Meditations Vol II
0:37:50 White Sun Adi Shakti III
0:45:55 break
0:44:20 Ludovico Einaudi Two Trees In a Time Lapse
0:50:36 Gracie And Rachel Her Her (single)
0:54:05 Digitonal Autumn Round Beautiful Broken
 Third Half Hour
1:01:00 Erik Wollo Monument Images Of Light (Special Remastered Edition)
1:06:00 Marissa Nadler Dream Dream Big In The Sky For My Crimes
1:08:55 Dead Can Dance Dionysus Act II: The Mountain Dionysus
1:12:58 Indarra Illuminate Walk On Fire
1:17:05 CloZee The Golden Mask Evasion
1:21:28 The Doors End Of The Night The Doors
1:24:11 Monica Williams Finding Peace Journey Of Tears
 Fourth Half Hour
1:30:00 Moby The Sorrow Tree Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt (The East West
1:33:51 Psychic Rites Wake Cult_Memo
1:37:25 Key-G Asymptotic Drive Omens and Artifacts
1:43:24 Frederic Gerchambeau & Bertrand Loreau Dvi Catvaratempo
1:54:11 Loner Lights Which Pass Western Sci Fi

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