Echoes Podcast: Eleon’s Electronic Debut

Echoes Podcast: Eleon-From Walmart to Space.

Eleon Dreams Beyond Terra

ELEON is a musician from Waco, Texas who has been isolated from the music world, working at Walmart. He finally released his debut CD in his late 40s, but he created one of the most exuberant, effervescent electronic albums of 2018, Dreams Beyond Terra. We head west to explore the Sci-Fi electronic music of ELEON along with his producer, ambient guitarist David Helpling, on Echoes.

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  1. Eleon’s music is fantastic. I discovered him on Amazon Music, through a recommendation from Amazon based on my music profile. His work is diverse, but that first album, Dreams Beyond Terra, is just divine.The guitar work, piano, and bass are so good. I think a great song to start with is “I Touch The Sky.” Once you hear that, it will give you a good sense of the quality of his compositions.

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