In Concert: Chuck van Zyl’s live sequencer soundscapes

Chuck van Zyl Heads into Sequencer Space Live on Echoes

Chuck van Zyl

Veteran electronic musician Chuck Van Zyl comes in with a room full of analog synthesizer modules and creates spacescapes born from his roots in 1970s German Space music. We say all systems are go when Chuck Van Zyl launches live on Echoes.  You can catch a video of one song from this performance below.

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In Concert: Chuck van Zyl
Chuck van Zyl
Force Field (Live on Echoes)
Chuck van Zyl
The Machinery of Night (Live on Echoes)

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  1 comment for “In Concert: Chuck van Zyl’s live sequencer soundscapes

  1. Richard Andrews
    January 31, 2019 at 6:53 am

    I first heard Chuck on Echoes back when I think Chuck said he liked to take his electronic gear apart and put it together wrong I`ve been a fan of Chucks music and Star’s End ever since

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