Olivia Chaney Plays Live on Echoes

Olivia Chaney performs Live on Echoes

Olivia Chaney is an English singer who is expanding the sound of folk music. She was part of the Grammy nominated group Offa Rex, a collaboration with The Decemberists. We’ll hear live versions of songs from her latest solo album, Shelter, and a traditional tune from the Offa Rex album, The Queen of Hearts.    Also, hear our interview with Olivia Chaney in the Echoes Podcast.

Start Time Group Name Song Name Album Name
0:00:00 In Concert: Olivia Chaney
0:02:12 Olivia Chaney House on a Hill (live) Shelter
0:06:48 Olivia Chaney IOU (live) Shelter
0:11:10 Olivia Chaney Arches (live) Shelter
0:17:27 Olivia Chaney Willie O Winsbury (live) The Queen of Hearts (Offa Rex)
0:24:48 Olivia Chaney Roman Holiday (live) Shelter

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