Chemical Brothers Robot Rave in “Free Yourself” Video

The Chemical Brothers Create a Robot Rave in "Free Yourself" video

by John Diliberto 11/14/2018Here’s a wild video from The Chemical Brothers for their new single, “Free Yourself.” The band plugs into the current sentient robot trend of TV shows like Humans and creates robot liberation that starts as a rave, replete with electronic chemicals when all the robots turn into vegetables for a moment. The video is a riot as the robots pop moves, Soul Train style, at the repeated command to “dance!” It’s an infectious and joyful romp of electronic groove.

There’s a lot of brilliant animation and motion capture in this video produced by the production company, Outsider, and content creation studio, The Mill. The video was directed by Dom&Nic, who have worked with The Chemical Brothers over a period of twenty-two years going back to “Block Rockin’ Beats.” 

Watch the video to the bitter end after the credits where the fate of the security guard, who was left cornered by the robots  chanting “Free Us,” is revealed. As George Clinton said, “Free your mind and your mechanical ass will follow.” Or something like that.

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