Jon Hopkins Apocalyptic Singularity Video

Jon Hopkins "Singularity" Video

Man meets woman descending slowly through the air into an urban factory building shaft. Surprise, love and violence ensues in this inventive choreography that’s part street brawl, part super-hero tale and part samurai air ballet. It’s all accompanied by Jon Hopkins snarling, industrially grooved song, “Singularity”, the title track to his latest album ofelectronic mutations.

Hopkins came to renown working with Brian Eno and Coldplay adapted one of his songs “Light Through the Veins” as the lead to their Viva La Vida album. He started out as a melodicist, but has thrown his lot in with EDM-derived electronic scrambles, often accompanied by insistent, crushing grooves of doom. That’s the formula for this track and it works perfectly with this dark-hued video directed by Seb Edwards with model Aliashka Hilsum and Jarkko Mandelin of the Kinetic Orchestra playing the battling couple, with riveting choreography by Hofesh Shechter.

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