Ron Boots Performing Live Electronic Music On Echoes

Ron Boots Performs Live on Echoes.

Ron BootsRon Boots is a prolific Dutch electronic artist who has been recording since the 1980s, when he released his music on cassette. He’s a musical child of German space music and his music is full of Tangerine Dream-style sequencer drive and Vangelis-style drama. He’s also an aficionado of the American Civil War. He came in and cranked up his synthesizers live a while back. This performance of the song “Detachment of Worldly Affairs” appears our new CD, Victoria Place: Echoes Live 23. Now you can hear the whole performance right here.

In Concert: Ron Boots 
Ron Boots
The Unknown Soldier (Live)
Ron Boots
untitled improvisation (Live)
Ron Boots
Detachment of Worldly Affairs (Live)

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