Jeff Pearce, performing Live On Echoes

Jeff Pearce performs live on Echoes.

Jeff Pearce

Jeff Pearce, makes his fourth Echoes Live appearance on our new CD, Victoria Place: Echoes Live 23. He was previously on Echoes Living Room Concerts Volumes 2, 6, and Echoes Live 21. He brings us another track of mournful delay and reverb-drenched melody, “Sun on Frost.” on the album. Now hear the complete concert where Jeff plays music from his latest album, For the Darker Seasonsa recording made for the coming winter. It includes a pretty wild cover of Tangerine Dream’s “Love on a Real Train.”

This live performance of “Sun on Frost” appears on the Echoes collection Victoria Place: Echoes Live 23.

In Concert: Jeff Pearce
Jeff Pearce
Jeff Pearce
Jeff Pearce
Love on a Real Train (Tangerine Dream) (Live)
Jeff Pearce
Jeff Pearce

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