Echoes Podcast: Mr. Robot’s Mac Quayle

Mr. Robot Composer Mac Quayle in Echoes Podcast

Mr. Robot is one of the most original and timely series of the 21st century. The USA Network TV series follows the plight of Elliot Alderson, who suffers psychological issues including a split personality. He’s recruited by Mr. Robot, to join a group of hackers called the “fsociety” set to destroy the conglomerate E Corp, or as Elliott hears it, “Evil Corp.” Creating the soundscape for both the exterior world and the interior of Alderson’s mind is composer Mac Quayle. He’s created an inventive, all electronic score that taps influences of ambient and German electronic music. We hack Mac Quayle in the Echoes Podcast. Listen at, in the Echoes App or download from Apple Music.

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