Hammock in Echoes Podcast

Hammock Talk About their Ambient Requiem Mass in Echoes Podcast


Hammock’s album Mysterium topped our Best of Echoes 2017 list, so what better time than now to release their interview into the Echoes Podcast.

Hammock is the Nashville based duo of Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson and they have become leading lights in the world of post-rock and ambient rock music. Between 2005 and 2010 they released a quartet of albums that defined a sound that was part shoegaze, part ambient and part progressive rock. But since then, they’ve been exploring a darker, less rhythm oriented sound on albums that contemplated life and death. And now they have a new album that may be the first ambient requiem mass. It’s called Mysterium . From Andrew Thompson’s studio in Nashville, Hammock talk about the sound of grief and awe.

Marc Byrd: When we came into this record after Clark had passed, it really took on the form of a requiem very quickly and , it overwhelmed us at times, especially when we started doing strings and horns, and some of the piano stuff.  Hearing that stuff come back and just–it just kind of re–reawakened all of that emotion.

We talk to the two members of Hammock. They’ll also talk about having to burn their record and comic books when they were kids in fundamentalist families, and sneaking heavy metal music on to Christian cassettes. Hammock’s Marc Byrd and Andrew Thompson take their ambient chamber sound to the edge on this heartfelt hymn to a lost relative. Hear them talk about it in the Echoes Podcast

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