10 Best Summer Songs 2016

Ten Summer Songs for 2016

toptensummersongs2016It’s the last day of summer. That, and the release of a new video by Miranda Lee Richards made me think of my favorite summer soundtrack for 2016. These are the songs I listened to with the windows open screaming down the highway as well as the songs that soothed on sultry summer nights. Miranda Lee Richard’s “Colours So Fine” has been my favorite summer song since it was released back in February. The album, Echoes of the Dreamtime was the March CD of the Month and in that review I called “Colours So Fine” “a dose of lysergic sunshine on the album. . .rings out with Byrds-style electric 12-string guitar as Richards trips through lyrics of affirmation and new consciousness.” See the video below. And below that a Spotify Playlist with a substitution for one track.

Ten Best Summer Songs of 2016

1 Miranda Lee Richards – Colours So Fine – Echoes of the Dreamtime
2 OnDeadWaves – California – onDeadWaves
3 Morgan Delt – Some Sunsick Day – Phase Zero
4 Edamame – Echinacea – Ochre
5 Capa – Belief (5 seasons Remix) –  Cool Out and Chill Volume 4
6 Tor – Days Gone – Blue Book
7 William Tyler – Highway Anxiety – Modern Country
8 Aukai – Cachoeira – Aukai
9 SHEL – Alternate Universe – Just Crazy Enough
10 David Arkenstone – Fire Fairy Dance – The Fairy Garden

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