Agnes Obel “Familiar”

Danish singer-songwriter Agnes Obel records new music video for "Familiar"

Written by Christoph Grosse on July 7th, 2016

Agnes Obel

Agnes Obel has just released the visuals for her most recent single, “Familiar”. It’s hard to believe it’s only been 6 years since the Copenhagen native, Berlin resident  blew us away with her debut album, Philharmonics, an Echoes CD of the Month. Her last full length LP, Aventine, was released in 2013. Agnes infuses her familiar, atmospheric, hauntingly beautiful sound, with this latest single which brings in an male choir on the chorus, providing a wonderful, madrigal-like contrast to Obel’s ethereal voice. The music video was directed by her partner, Alex Bruel Flagstad, a photographer and animation artist. It  opens with a blinking message that simply states, “Loading…”, with an editing style that mimics the look of an old CRT TV, complete with strobing lines cascading down the screen. Shots of cityscapes and freeways are broken down and pixelated, giving them a retro-futuristic flair. The focus turns to Agnes, whose whammy-barred voice swells as the camera pans in slowly with her eyes piercing through the screen. Watch the video for “Familiar” below.

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