OnDeadWaves “Blue Inside” Video

Duo onDeadWaves record new music video for single, "Blue Inside"

Written by Christoph Grosse on June 16th, 2016

OnDeadWaves album

“Blue Inside” is the second music video release for UK indie pop band, onDeadWaves, whose self-titled debut was released this past May on Mute Records. James Chapman, known mainly for his project Maps, has now collaborated with musician Polly Scattergood in the form of onDeadWaves. The group’s latest delivery features their atmospheric, and at times eerie shoegaze sound, and the accompanying visuals do it justice. “Blue Inside” was directed by award winning Polish filmmaker and past collaborator, Lukasz Pytlik. Pytlik’s focus centers around a figure wearing a white plague-doctor mask, standing alone in a field, clutching the string of a slightly deflated balloon. From their we see a girl, her expression both sullen and defeated. She seems to be aimlessly searching for something; A feeling that is all too familiar for a considerable amount of people. This world she walks through is tinged grey to the point of lifelessness, perhaps meant to serve as an outward reflection of her emotional state. onDeadWaves explains, “‘Blue Inside’ is essentially about a loss – it’s that moment when you finally come out of the numbness and realise you can actually feel something.” Underneath the dreary, somber melody lies a positive message. A message that says move forward, continue your journey, and look to the future.


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