Slow Meadow in the Echoes Podcast

Slow Meadow explores Ambient Chamber music landscapes.

Listen to the Slow Meadow interview above, or download it from iTunes.
Slow-Meadow-StringsSlow Meadow is the performance name of Matt Kidd who started out as a guitarist playing in church and Christian music bands before venturing out on his own ambient journey. He recorded a couple of albums as Aural Method before falling in with the ambient guitar band Hammock. He emerged from that with his own approach to ambient chamber music, mixing effects-laden guitar with strings and piano to create a sound like Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings sent into deep space. He’s just released his debut album under the name Slow Meadow, which includes a collaboration with Hammock. We walk through the fields of Matt Kidd’s Slow Meadow.

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