Julia Holter Betsy on the Roof

Julia Holter's Betsy on the Roof Video

Julia Holter Photo: J.Diliberto

Julia Holter Photo: J.Diliberto

Among the many ethereal singer-songwriters we play on Echoes, Julia Holter has created one of the more enchanting and intricate sounds. Her influences range from ancient Greek literature to avant-garde classical music to Enya. She based an entire CD on the Euripedes play, Hipplytus. Julia Holter’s art is the synthesis of influences she encounters, making ancient literature, early music, avant-garde strains and contemporary song-smithing into a wholly unique sound. In the past Holter has employed a lot of technology and looping techniques to create her sound, but in a new video called “Betsy on the Roof” she strips it all down to reverbed voice and acoustic piano. She starts taking it out into Cecil Taylor territory toward the end. It’s from her latest album, Have You in My Wilderness.

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