Echoes Top 25 for December 2014

Wax_Tailor_Phonovisions_LPHere’s the last monthly Echoes Top 25 for 2015. Predictably, Wax Tailor’s Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra is at the top since it was an Echoes December CD of the Month and it’s followed by Orenda Fink’s Blue Dream by virtue of her wonderful live performance on the show.  This album, which I liked from the start, but just keeps growing deeper and more enticing with every listen.  Interestingly, six CDs of the Month remained in the Top 25 by year’s end going all the way back to the June pick, Carl Weingarten’s beautifully detailed Life Under Stars. Thirteen of these albums were also in The Best of Echoes 2014.


  1. Wax Tailor Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra (Le Plan)
  2. Orenda FinkBlue Dream (Saddle Creek)
  3. Philip Selway – Weatherhouse (PIAS America)
  4. TigerforestThe Tides of Day and Night (AMAdea Records)
  5. Gem Club – In Roses (HARDLY ART)
  6. A Winged Victory for the SullenAtomos (Kranky)
  7. Asura – Radio Universe (Ultimae Records)
  8. French for RabbitsSpirits (Lefse Records)
  9. The Mediaeval BaebesOf Kings and Angels (Queen of Sheeba Records)
  10. Thierry David – Hypnosis (Real Music)
  11. Angela SheikHome Before Dark
  12. Dry the RiverAlarms in the Heart (PIAS America)
  13. Erik ScottSpirits (Erik Scott)
  14. Jeff PearceWith Evening Above (Jeff Pearce Music)
  15. Tim FarrellCascadia (Magrathea)
  16. BroodsEvergreen (Capitol Records)
  17. Carl Weingarten Life Under Stars (Multiphase)
  18. TychoAwake (Ghostly International)
  19. KrishanKundalini Chillout – Liquid Mantra Remixes (Spirit Voyage Records)
  20. Lana Del ReyUltraviolence (Interscope Records)
  21. Low Roar0 (Tonequake Records)
  22. BanksGoddess (Harvest)
  23. BoatsBoats (Boats)
  24. Submotion OrchestraAlium (Counter Records)
  25. Pink Floyd- The Endless River (Columbia) 

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