Electronics,Enya & Chet Baker with Priscilla Ahn

Hear Priscilla Ahn Talk About her New CD, This Is Where We Are, in the Echoes Podcast

Priscilla Ahn On Echoes

Priscilla Ahn On Echoes

Priscilla Ahn finds easier inspiration in loneliness and lovelorn idylls than the current state of happiness in her life and marriage.  But she finds a new way to tackle inspiration on her CD, This Is Where We Are.   TIWWA-US_cvrBest known for her 2008 song “Dream,” Ahn has altered her sound and moved from folk to ethereal dream pop influenced as much by Enya as electronica.  Hear Priscilla Ahn talk about her music from “Dream” to This Is Where We Are in the Echoes Podcast.

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