Pure Bathing Culture Live on Echoes

Daniel Hindman & Sarah Vesprille of Pure Bathing Culture live on Echoes.

Daniel Hindman & Sarah Vesprille of Pure Bathing Culture live on Echoes.

Portland’s Pure Bathing Culture Plays Live on Echoes Tonight.

Tonight on Echoes, it’s dream pop from Portland when we hear Pure Bathing Culture playing live.  The band is fronted by singer and keyboardist Sarah Versprille and guitarist Daniel Hindman.  On their album, Moon Tides they merge 60s girl group harmonies with 80s electro-pop in a music of deliriously joyful melodies, even when they’re singing about break-ups.  Versprille has a more powerful voice than most dreampop singers who you can’t hear two  inches beyond the microphone and Hindman elicits a gorgeous tone from his processed electric guitar.  Get in the tub tonight with Pure Bathing Culture live on Echoes.

John Diliberto (((echoes)))

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