Alan Howarth In Echoes Podcast

Hear the Maestro of Horror Soundtracks,
Alan Howarth, in Echoes Podcast

Alan Howarth-Big Brother is Watching You at MOEMS

Alan Howarth-Big Brother is Watching You at MOEMS

The music of horror in movies has been defined by a few composers.  One of them is Alan Howarth.  He’s from The Beatles generation and came up in the psychedelic era and the birth of modern electronic music.  He’s best known for working with director John Carpenter in the 1970s on films like the Halloween sequels, Christine and Escape From New York.  Last fall, Alan Howarth Played a set of his film music at the Mountain Oasis Electronic Music Summit performing against a backdrop of film clips with lots of Michael Myers and Snake Plissken.  I talked with Alan Howarth about the sound of horror.  Hear it in the Echoes Podcast

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