Shhhh! BOOO! An Echoes Halloween

the_white_noise._white_noise-an_electric_stormTonight on Echoes, it’s music for things that go bump in the night.  No, not those things.  Scary things.  It’s a time for spirits and spooks, vampires and zombies, witches and whispers.  We’ll hear them all as we go to the darkside of Echoes. I’ll be your sonic crypt-keeper as we explore a sound between worlds.  I’ve got music from a band named after a ghost, a song about a woman who lives in a mortuary and lots of ghost songs.  We’ll hear hymns for supernatural lovers and love in a mortuary.    I’ve also got a visitation from 1968 and one of the earliest rock electronic albums, White Noise’s An Electric Storm.  Keep the lights on.  It’s an Echoes Halloween tonight.

And if two hour’s of scary Echoes music isn’t enough, dial up our six hour, Wordless Echoes Halloween Soundscape, Transmigration at Echoes On-Line.

hv-coverTransmigration plunges you into the gloom of night, and explores the liminal times, when spirits cross-over and souls transmigrate. Featuring scary tunes by Ulrich Schauss and Mark Peters, Jeff Greinke, Patrick O’Hearn, Tangerine Dream, James Blackshaw, Nine Inch Nails, William Orbit, and many more.  It’s available to all subscribers at Echoes On-Line, where you can hear the show on demand, 24-7 on your iPhone, iPad, Droid or computer.

John Diliberto (((echoes)))WorldsBeyond

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