The Cabaret of Una on Echoes.

Laughing ManUna is interviewed tonight on Echoes.

Trip-Hop music of the 1990s brought several worlds together.  In groups like Portishead, Massive Attack and Morcheeba, you  could hear elements of hip-hop, electronic music, lounge moods and torch song singing.  Una has taken those sounds in a different direction over the last six years, adding jazz, film scores and cabaret into the mix.  Their latest album is called The Laughing Man.  Hear about this band when I talk to them tonight on Echoes.


Una live on Echoes

Una live on Echoes

Eddie Barajas on Vinyl:  Well, basically I like to sample very random records.  For example, I was just using a text typing record, an instructional course.  I also have a self relaxation record, which has some soothing sounds and nice things.  I like, I like the guy and what he says and everything, so…I tend to go thrift store shopping a lot and start digging through the old vinyl, and you know, Disney records, children’s stories, Aladdin, just the most random things I can find I tend to try and slip in there.

Jennifer Nice on the moods of Una: So one of the latest things we would do is to create like a film noir set and we would have like old pictures of our relatives on the DJ table with a slow running fan, like an old detective’s office…antique phone, just kind of all dressed up.

Hear the complete Una interview tonight on Echoes.

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